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"Hi Bianca I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. Look at my scores, you are amazing!

Equifax 594, Experian 589, Transunion, 555---Signed up
Equifax 646, Experian 614, Tranunionn 593---4/27/2015
Equifax 646, Experian 620, Transunion 616---5/28/2015
Equifax 683, Experian 646, Tranunion 661---6/10/2015

Cecil Benjamin

"Good Morning Beautiful Woman of God,

I have attached my Privacy Guard Credit Report & Most Recent Letters.

I wanted to share the second part of my Testimony...Made my final decision on my new vehicle & Negotiated the Final Sale Price, Interest Rate, etc.

I am so Excited to say that even though I had a Repo 5yrs. Ago, My Interest Rate on my new vehicle is: 3.9%!!!!! WOW 
The finance manager stated that the lowest interest rate they usually offer is: 5.95.%

You are a Blessing & I am So Grateful for the hard work that you have done on my behalf!!

God has so much in store for You...because you are Blessing the body of Christ to be Lender's & Not Borrower's!

Love You for Life"

Sabrina Blanchard

"Hi Amber I hope that you enjoyed your trip! Just wanted to let you know that since the last time we spoke, my offer had been accepted, we have submitted all of our paperwork, and if the appraisal comes in right, and I don't do anything stupid(like go finance a new car) lol! Then we should be swimming in our backyard pool by mid August! Thank you again and again and again!"

Karen Hurd

"Amber have fun on your vacation. Here's something to rejoice about. Christina is 30 points away from preapproval for the house, girl you are wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work."
Ruben M Perez

I came to Beyond Taxes when no one else wanted to work with me. I couldn't afford to pay them at first but they still my case on. I started working with Ms. Beedle. She got Indiana to take off the wage levy from the job. I owed the IRS  $45,000 and the State $12,000. She settles wiht the IRS for $500 and the state for $1200. Praise be to god for Beyond Taxes. When all was done, I needed serious credit repair. Ms. Beedle forwarded me to Ms. Hamington where she took her time working with me. I'm old so sometimes you have to tell me things more than once. I started with my credit score at 480. 2months in and she got my score up 58 points, then another 60 points and I just opened my new report and I am up another 46 points. I am under contract with them for one more month but im already in the 600s alot further than where I started. I can't wait to see the end product. Ms. Hamington and Ms. Beedle always call and make sure I don't have any questions and they always explain everthing to me.  Will be back next year for tax season. Thank you Beyond Taxes.

MaryAnn Ross

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