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Starting a business is never easy. As a new business owner, you will have to take on many duties and wear many hats. It is always best to get professional assistance to guide you through. We understand:

  • Your funds may be limited
  • It is very hard to find reliable help and
  • Your time and energy is valuable

Let Beyond Taxes provide you with the most optimal services for your business. We will only provide you with service(s) that you need or require. We will fill in the gaps and do the work that will give you the most headache or take up your time. We will streamline your services for what you need and keep you within budget.

Business Solution Services

  • Small Business Start Up Services: From conception to visualization, these services are meant to provide you with all of the tools necessary to start your business and/or obtain funding. We offer creation of business plans, marketing strategies, small business consulting, entity formation (includes filing DBA with state, EIN Number, Corporation, etc.) Processing fees are included in pricing, etc.,
  • Small Business Support: We are your right hand and aide in performing tasks that you do not have the time to do. Once you have your business is up and running, it is up to us to help you keep the momentum going. You will find we offer an array of services to fulfill your back office needs including internet research, spreadsheet design, database management, bookkeeping, mailing and shipping, etc.,
  • Virtual Administrative Support- These services are meant for the business man or woman on the go. You focus on increasing your clientele, we will focus on keeping you moving. These services include but are not limited to email monitoring, mail receiving / forwarding, mail retrieval/shipping, copying, desktop publishing, appointment setting, background checks, and so much more. 

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