Are You Ready To Be Debt Free?

We understand that it is one thing to fix your credit and another to get your finances in order. With this, we offer a comprehensive debt management plan. Within this program, we seek to find ways to help you save and pay off or get caught up on past due bills or accounts.

We offer:

  • A complete HOUSEHOLD BUDGET on how to get your finances back on track. 
  • A DEBT MANAGEMENT PLAN. We find a way to address  your debt and ensure it is paid on time and as agreed.
  • A SAVINGS package. Need to save but don’t know how? We can save your funds and once you’ve achieved the desired goal, we’ll return your savings to you. (Ask Account Manager for more information)
  • A PAYMENT package. Clients have the opportunity to send us the payments to make on your account(s) in a timely manner over a period of time. (Ask Account manager for details)

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