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Prior to initiating services, we will give you a quote for the service(s) you've chosen. Based on your chosen service(s) you will be sent a customized invoice with your contract, this invoice will include multiple payment options for payment.

The total cost of your service is never expected to be paid in full. However, that is always an option. Monthly installment options are available. Services not paid in full can and will be on an installment agreement, for remaining payments. The remaining balance will broken down into equal monthly payments, extending up to, but no more than, 12 months. 

We accept payments through electronic invoicing, ACH Checking and Debit. If alternate payment options are required, please contact our office immediately. Late payments will be assessed a fee of 5% of the charge for each additional day that the payment was not received. Any payment made with credit/debit card will be assessed a $2.95 processing fee. 

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